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Writing 5 Section Descriptions for Spring Term 2022

Writing 5 introduces Dartmouth students to the writing process that characterizes intellectual work in the academy and in educated public discourse. Each section of Writing 5 organizes its writing assignments around challenging readings chosen by the instructor. The course focuses primarily on the writing process, emphasizing careful reading and analysis, thoughtful questions, and strategies of effective argument. Below you will find a list of the courses being offered next term.

Writing 5 -- Expository Writing

Section 01

Hour: 12; Instructor: Colleen Lannon


Title: Encountering the 'Other'

Course Description: How do we imaginatively construct the 'Other'—that which is strange, different, foreign? What fears and desires, as well as restrictions and freedoms, might be reflected in this figure? We will examine these questions and others as we read literature from the late Victorian era—a time when colonial expansion, urbanization, and increased immigration made such issues particularly significant. We will then broaden out from literary studies to explore how the concept of the “Other” has been examined in a number of different fields. Depending on the interests of the class, readings will be drawn from the fields of psychology, linguistics, economics, political science, business/consumer science, geography, and neuroscience. As students read and respond to these scholarly articles, we will reflect upon what it means to enter into the ongoing work of academia. Students will then conduct independent research on a topic related to the course themes. Formal assignments will include two short essays, a research paper, and an oral presentation. In addition, there will be daily informal writing assignments that reinforce concepts introduced in class. Throughout the course, a strong emphasis will be placed on writing as a process involving multiple drafts and collaborative feedback. The overall goal is to help students develop the intellectual abilities they need to succeed in an academic environment. This includes honing critical reading and thinking skills; understanding the elements of argument and how to shape a persuasive essay; learning how to find, use, and cite sources; writing effective prose; and revising for clarity.


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Stoker, Bram. Dracula. Eds. Nina Auerbach and David Skal. Norton Critical Edition, July 14, 2021. ISBN: 0393679209.